Wednesday, March 7, 2012

N-F SSDC 2012

Our NASA team leaves for the 2012 Space Settlement Design Competition at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas the morning of Thursday, March 15.  They will arrive back in Newell the afternoon of Monday, March 19.  Here is the list of students participating:
  • Anthony Jacobs
  • Maggie Kime
  • Mike Dewey
  • Zoe Behrens
  • Joseph Mercer
  • Tanner Crotty
Mike Duitsman, a two-year veteran of the program, will go along as a mentor from Iowa State University.  I will accompany the group as chaperone.

Here is the informational website for the competition:
I will be blogging and tweeting during the trip and competition.  I'll pass on the twitter hashtag when the time comes.

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